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Built on Legacy

In 2004, "Mineski" was just a college Dota team with dreams of turning their passion for games into a career. Over a decade later and that competitive fire blazed a trail for the esports industry in Southeast Asia. Now, Mineski Global is not just a team but an organization of over 200 employees and offices across Southeast Asia.

Latest Announcements

VP Game x Mineski-01
VPGAME and Mineski Global Enter Collaboration For the Growth of SEA Esports

Southeast Asian esports just got an upgrade. Today, the two giants of Southeast Asian esports–VPGAME and Mineski Global–announce their collaboration to promote and nurture the esports scene of the region. To achieve this goal, both organizations will be sharing resources to put a multi-stage plan into action. VPGAME brings to the partnership esports marketing data and a platform for Mineski Global to advertise their regional events via In addition to this, Mineski Global and VPGAME aim to launch joint tournaments with Mineski Global in charge of event organizing and local marketing, and VPGAME to handle community activations and reward…

Philippine Pro Gaming League 2020 – Season 2!

The Philippine Pro Gaming League is back for its second and final season of the year. We want every aspiring Filipino pro gamer to succeed in their gaming dreams even while we play from home so we will stick with an online-only format similar to Season 1. This season will kick off with a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) tournament this November, and then we’ll end the year with a Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) tournament in December. We also want to try out some new games and serve new communities so the PPGL team will introduce for the…

Mineski Philippines and Riot Games Southeast Asia have officially announced their 2021 plans for the competitive scene of VALORANT in the esports and collegiate levels
Mineski Philippines, Riot Games, announce partnership for VALORANT Esports and Collegiate plans for 2021

Riot Games Southeast Asia has formally appointed Mineski Philippines as the esports and gaming agency to roll out official esports for its first-person shooter game VALORANT in the Philippines. Mineski Philippines has also been appointed as an organizer of local VALORANT collegiate tournaments. ”Players have asked and we’re excited to answer. In Southeast Asia, the appetite for VALORANT esports has been tremendous and we are pleased to partner with the region’s leading esports organizations, one of them being Mineski Philippines, to introduce new heights of competitive play to the region,” said Chris Tran, Head of Esports at Riot Games Southeast…

The Next Level Plays

The esports and gaming industry is ever-changing, but in our territory, we set the pace. Guided by our pioneering spirit, we have expertise in every aspect of esports from end-to-end marketing campaigns to international leagues.

Event Production

With our veteran project managers, professional league operators, and world-class production team, we'll show you exactly why millions around the world tune in to esports.


Marketing Campaigns

Mineski's mix of passionate gamers and experienced business professionals is perfect for delivering brands 360-degree marketing campaigns that authentically engage the expanding gamer market.

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Engagement Platforms

We seek to create engagement platforms and other proprietary tools that can enrich gamers' lifestyles while offering an opportune way for brands to launch data-driven, gamer-centric campaigns.


Talent and Team Management

We cultivate in-house gaming influencers and broadcast talents and help brands form their own team through our expert support staff, top-notch facilities, and years of success in various esports pro scenes.


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