What is Quest Rewards?

Want to motivate your employees and teams to achieve their goals at work?

Quest Rewards offers an effective and engaging solution: Office Gamification.

With Quest Rewards, we gamify all the important business tasks for you and help make sure your teams will stay engaged with your business in fun ways.

How does it work?

Quest Rewards features the concept using variety of games called “Quests”
and rewards your employees with amazing items in our e-shop and vending machines

Sign up
Select Quests
Reward Qoins
Check employees’ status
Business KPI
  • Achieve monthly sales target
  • Reduce expenses by 10% from the last quarter
Team Building
  • Arrange 1 on 1 game sessions with 3 team members
  • Formulate a new business idea with your team
Career Growth
  • Arrange a feedback session with your manager
  • Pass the qualification test by the end of this month
Work Life Balance
  • Take 1 day off every month
  • Complete your daily tasks by 5 PM

You can reward best performing employees


Employees can redeem various items and e-vouchers with Qoin

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Vending Machine

You can also set-up the vending machine in your office to instantly offer items to your employees with Qoins.


One stop platform where you can

  • Set up your quests and qoin distribution based on leaderboards
  • Assign new team admin to associate divisions or team based events
  • Track and analyze performance of each employee
Simple Sign Up Process,
No Initial Cost
Select from 2,000+ Quests
Library to Help Achieve KPIs
Promote Work-life Balance
and Team-building
Success Stories

Success Stories

  • 89% of employees subscribed to Quest Rewards
  • 30+ Quests are completed
  • Motiviation improved 10+ Points

Quest Rewards: Adventure Awaits!

Quest Rewards offers an effective and engaging solution to improve your business and work environment. Try it now for free!

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