Makati City, May 08, 2024 – As the sun rises over the bustling cityscape of Makati, strategic minds from various industries gather at The Fifth at Rockwell for the highly anticipated 15th Mansmith Market Masters Conference. With a theme centered around “The 5 Skills of Master Strategists,” the event promises to delve deep into the core competencies needed for strategic excellence.

Inspired by Josiah Go’s seminal work, “The 5 Skills of Master Strategists,” attendees are set to embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and empowerment. These skills, ranging from clarity in decision making to execution excellence, serve as guiding principles for individuals striving for success in the dynamic landscape of business.

The conference is structured around five insightful sessions, each dedicated to dissecting and honing a specific strategic skillset.

Session 4: Influencing Skills: Utilizing Persuasion for Success kicks off with a stellar panel featuring industry luminaries such as Sonny Catacutan, Managing Director of Cargill Animal Nutrition, Penn Policarpio, Managing Director of Kenvue Philippines, and Ronald Robins, Chairman and CEO of Mineski Global.

Ronald Robins, in his role as VP of the Philippine Esports Organization, shares insights into the mission to legitimize esports and foster profitability. He recounts the journey of esports, navigating challenges and garnering support from stakeholders to position the industry as a legitimate sport on both local and international stages.

In the session, Robins also shared marketing insights gleaned from the evolution of the esports landscape. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration and alignment among diverse stakeholders to propel the industry forward. He also mentioned how over the past two decades, a series of pivotal initiatives have driven significant growth within the gaming industry. What began as a pastime has evolved into a thriving sector, with a particular focus on legitimizing esports within the mainstream.

And that over the last five years, concerted efforts have been made to position esports as a legitimate sport, galvanizing stakeholders and competitors alike. Collaborative endeavors, spearheaded by organizations like PESO, the Philippine esports Organization, have propelled esports onto the international stage, resulting in commendable achievements such as securing the most gold medals in esports at the SEA Games, a testament to its newfound status as a respected sporting discipline.

Through time, the past 20 years there were several important initiatives in terms of making the whole industry flourish. It all started when playing games was just past time. For the past 5 years, we’ve been really focussed on penetrating the mainstream by making esports legitimate. That’s why the stakeholders in the country, specifically even the competitors gathered and rallied together with PESO to create that positioning of where we are today, where esports is now a legitimate sport. We now actually compete against other countries and bring in the most number of gold medals compared to other sports in the SEA Games. 

And to end the session, the panelists shared about navigating resistance and overcoming objections when driving organizational change. Robins shared that in Mineski Global’s case, the change initiative can be an introduction of a new technology platform aimed at streamlining operations, one example is Mineski’s partnership with lark as the central platform for all forms, transactions, requests and communication within the company across all regions. 2nd is concerns regarding the learning curve and job insecurity due to automation are addressed through department meetings, listening to each departments’ needs, additional resources for everyone, training, and the formation of cross-functional teams. Next is communication channels should be kept open and transparent, with regular updates and celebrations of victories. With all 3 combined, the outcome is a reduction in resistance, a sense of optimism, successful implementation, and widespread adoption of the change.

Ending the Conference, attendees depart with a newfound sense of empowerment and a toolkit of strategies to navigate the complexities of the business landscape. Armed with the wisdom gained from the conference, they are poised to unlock their full potential as master strategists in their respective fields.

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