The Network effect

In celebrating its 20th-year anniversary, Mineski's network effect is a testament to a holistic and interconnected approach.

 The positive feedback loop created by Mineski's endeavors amplifies its impact, fostering a sustainable ecosystem where every participant – from esports professionals to gaming enthusiasts, industry partners, and technological innovators – contributes to and benefits from the collective success that Mineski continues to champion.

the man behind the legacy

Ronald “Rho” Robins, the visionary founder and CEO of Mineski Global, stands as the driving force behind Southeast Asia's pioneering esports and gaming organization.

Under Rho's leadership, Mineski Global has been a trailblazer, shaping both local gaming and the broader regional esports scene with impactful innovations that positively impacts the broader esports ecosystem. His passion for gaming and commitment to innovation have become the driving forces solidifying Mineski Global's legacy.

TEG Holding, Pt. Ltd.

Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer


Entrepreneur and Mentor

Mineski Infinity Cybercafe


MET - Mineski Events Team

Chief Executive Officer

Pillar Digital E-Commerce Inc.

Chairman of the Board

Philippine Esports Organization

Board of Director

La Europa Ceramica

Board of Director

Philippine Franchise Association

Committee Member

Mineski's Network Effect through CSR and Government Synergies


employment opportunities provided across 7 countries in Southeast Asia


average social media reach and impressions per event


esports & gaming talents and industry leaders nurtured