The Shoppertainment Partners’ Night aims to provide Shoppertainment Live partners and stakeholders the opportunity to network, as well as stay updated with the latest developments and trends in e-commerce. The highlight of the event was the Fireside Chat, featuring a panel of speakers including Robins and other key figures such as Great Deals CEO Steve Sy, Shoppertainment Live CEO Hiyasmin Neri-Soyao, .mad Creatives General Manager Jace Susara, and Byteplus Global Partnerships Director Jeremy Ang. These industry leaders discussed the integration of e-commerce within their respective industries and how their organizations facilitate growth and success in today’s market.

In a report presented by Shoppertainment Live Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder Patt Soyao, the Philippines is the third-largest country engaging in live e-commerce. As a result of this growth, combined with restrictions emerging in bigger e-commerce regions, the country is at the forefront of what Soyao calls the “gold rush” of e-commerce opportunities–even for industries beyond live selling.

Speaking from the perspective of tech and gaming industries, Robins touched on the pivotal role of Mineski Global in the e-commerce ecosystem, given the forecasted boom in the country.

“I see a very important role for Mineski to participate in e-commerce mainly because we are lucky enough that the market is digitally native and they do buy things online, and even buy digital things online [even] 20 years ago. Linking that with the technology that we are making today is gonna be an interesting [development] in cracking this market that has always been there, that has always been hard to penetrate for conversion.“


Ronalds also addressed Soyao’s challenge of catering to a new wave of consumers driven by content, amusement, and entertainment by drawing parallels between esports and traditional sports in the divide between endemic and non-endemic brands. He emphasized that despite their similarities as spaces for passion and enjoyment, there was a key difference in how they operate.

Unique to the esports industry is the fact that games are intellectual properties owned by specific corporations, versus their traditional counterparts where no organization takes ownership of any sport. 

“One thing we must understand is that in esports, somebody owns the game. So their primary interest is to sell in-app purchases. For us, our primary interest is to grow the sport. So growing the sport means happy stakeholders–win-win-win. Players should be happy, teams should be happy, brands should be happy, leagues, media, broadcast—everyone is successful,” he said.


When asked if esports communities would feel “betrayed” if e-commerce is integrated into the existing ecosystem, Robins believes that the opposite is true: that selling within these communities is more than possible and can even create return customers, should brands show genuine support for their avenues.


“There’s also a thin line of what is an authentic product that these communities consume,” he stated, “There has to be a product fit to these communities before it actually goes well, just like in any other sport.”

Finally, Robins shared that the company’s grassroots-level event caravans not only push micro-level touchpoints for entertainment–they also become hubs for educating communities and pushing conversions through online-to-offline transactions, facilitated by Mineski Slash–an all-in-one events platform. 



Robins also echoed Soyao’s earlier statement of brands needing to go beyond fostering a good brand image and push towards conversions. “For us, I believe our role is more of educating the market and reaching that conversion point,” he said, “The thing we are actually actively participating in is we are creating this industry all together with the game publishers and developers.” 

As the major partner for the event, Mineski incorporated its various tech-based solutions to create a memorable experience for the attendees. GG Truck–a pop-up events truck–served as the event’s photo wall and digital advertising booth. Slash and mgames also played a key role in the activities for the night. Through Slash, attendees were able to register at the entrance, play Spore Hunters–a game from the mgames digital arcade–as well as participate in scratch card raffles from their smartphones. 


Through this, Mineski Global demonstrates its expertise in seamlessly fusing technology, entertainment, and gaming in its offerings, adapting to the emerging consumer demands of fun and amusement from every brand’s value proposition.

Mineski CEO shares industry insights at Shoppertainment Partners’ Night

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