REV Major 2023, in partnership with Mineski Global, was successfully held from September 30 to October 1 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay, Metro Manila.

Organized by events company Gariath Concepts, REV Major is one of the biggest and highly-anticipated fighting game events in Southeast Asia, featuring a number of tournaments and activities for fans and players alike. The event experience was taken to the next level, thanks to the support of Mineski Global and its state-of-the-art ticketing and gating system, Mineski Slash.


Tickets for REV Major were sold through the Slash platform, allowing attendees to browse through each ticket bracket and their inclusions before committing to a purchase. The platform’s ticket purchase process was streamlined for quick and easy transactions, as well as accommodating a wide range of payment options–all while ensuring buyer security.


Attendees of the event were issued fully-digital tickets that tied into Slash’s “3-Click Registration” system. This integrated registration system made things simple and easy for attendees and organizers alike. Not only did guests experience a smooth and streamlined entry to the event, but the organizers were able to keep track of event check-ins in real-time.


During the event proper, Slash also provided further excitement and engagement through its key features. Exclusive merchandise was also available for purchase directly from the Slash platform shop, while attendees completed fun activities for the chance to win prizes via Slash event passport and digital scratch card.


“Being a ticketing partner for REV Major was a good opportunity for us to not only show off the capabilities of our product, but also to better embed ourselves into the gaming communities and gain a better understanding of their needs. Slash also provided gamification solutions, allowing brands and partners to engage with their audiences while adding fun and excitement to the event. By working with Gariath Concepts, we hope to build trust in delivering elevated event experiences for all parties involved,” shared Mineski Slash Head Leong Moon Weng.


This partnership is one of many steps Mineski Global is taking towards growing and scaling its integrated marketing technology like Slash, while remaining true to its roots in providing service, ease, and reliability to end users. 


Mineski Global VP for Marketing Jamie Paraso stated, “With partnerships like these, Mineski Slash is poised to grow and scale alongside the communities and players within the gaming and technology spaces. Alongside our mission to stay true to our organization’s roots, we look forward to the continued success and innovation in the service of all our shareholders.”


Slash is the exclusive ticketing partner for Gariath Concept’s upcoming Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS)–one of the biggest gaming conventions in Southeast Asia, happening from November 3 to 5 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

About REV Major

The Philippines’ premiere Fighting Game event. REV Major is a multi-title Esports tournament in the Asia-Pacific region featuring some of the biggest Fighting Video Game titles.


About Mineski

Mineski Global is the pioneer Esports and technology company of Southeast Asia that has a proven track record of creating Esports leagues and tournaments in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and at a Global scale leveraged on experience in various facets of Esports and gaming since 2004.


We help bridge gaps for Brands & Partners to audiences via our key services of management, brand strategy, marketing & event activation services, technology production & distribution, licensing, and co-creating impactful IPs in the content, technology & event spaces.


About Slash


Slash is your seamless ticketing platform and analytics partner, made effective by gamified activations for your marketing needs. Visit for information on upcoming Slash events and to learn more about our suite of event solutions.

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